From time to time we like to take on special projects here at the studio or out in the field.

Here is a list of some Special Projects we are involved in


This current project, named “Workin-It Out”, is where we bring in musicians that have not spent any time, or a significant amount of time, recording together to work out recording a selected song.  It is my intention to put together musicians from several styles of music and watch then work out recording that song which is given to them ahead of time.  This video series is an on-going project that will includes the high quality performance captured as well as capturing video of the group working out the song.  We typically capture each episode on 5 GoPro cameras and then produce the episode in Final Cut Pro along with high quality multi-track audio.

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Thomas Point Beach
Bluegrass Festival 2022

In 2022 I attended the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival in Brunswick, ME and found myself wandering around the festival with my GoPro camera trying to capture some of the Jam Circles and the amazing musicians that were in them.

I was amazed at what I was capturing so I decided to create a montage video that has snapshots of each Jam Circle I discovered.  I did not capture them all because they were literally everywhere, but what I did capture was a nice cross section of the talent that attended the festival.

If you want to see the montage and all of the individual videos, please clik the button below to chack them out.

Music Jams

As I perfect my audio & video capabilities I will travel to locations where live music is being played and see if I can record the music, both audio & video.  I fully believe that each time I do this I get a little bit better at it.

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