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My Story

Having always wanted to record something, my passion has grown over the years to not only recording, but mixing and mastering audio.  I love this so much that I want to help others craft and make their music shine.  On top of this I am venturing into adding video as a component of my recording projects to provide a full Audio & VIdeo Service.

In the early years I was equipped with a cassette recorder and a couple of Radio Shack microphones and did a lot of experimenting with sound.  Mono recording is interesting, but once I had the ability to capture stereo the sky was the limit.  I recorded thunder storms and rain, dogs barking in the distance, and anything that I could make sound as real as possible.  Add panning to create a stereo separation then opened up the concept of mixing.

From that point and beyond I had a craving for not only recording, but mixing and mastering what I had recorded to make it sound as natural and real as possible.  I then found that I needed better equipment and more knowledge of how best to use that equipment.

 As I found a great local band to join as their sound guy, I quickly moved to not only crafting their live sound, I began recording the band across multiple tracks of audio.  My first attempt was any microphone I could find plugged into a rented mixer, and producing the output to a stereo audio file that was mixed live while I was recording the band.  In fact I was sitting on the stage with the band to do this.

Fast forward to recent times, I have taken what I learned and applied this to many projects including an eclectic jazz radio show, DreamFarm Radio, that is on 30+ NPR stations across the country, many bands and ensembles, audio books, voice overs, and everything in between.  All along the way I was continuing to educate myself and updating equipment.

 Today I operate a local recording studio that includes a control room, live room, vocal booth, and amplifier lockers to help isolate sounds during live recordings.  We now employ lots of high quality microphones and audio interfaces.  We also use ProTools, Logic PRO, Studio ONE, and other technologies.  My quest has improved over the years and I am always learning and making it better.

Feedback & Reviews

Just take a look at reviews for my work and service…

“Don Richardson of MLC Recording, is a super guy with a great set of ears. He is a pro at producing quality live sound reinforcement as well as recording excellent music recordings. It is always a pleasure to work with Don and to have him engineering and producing DreamFarm Radio programs for our national and international audiences. Thank you, Don!”

Daniel Bennett

The Daniel Bennett Group

“Don at MLC Recording put together an amazing CD for the band.  He went way beyond our expectations for this CD project.  He really made us sound incredible.”


Bass player for the Cornerstone Band

“Don is my Sound Surgeon.  His big ears and great heart make him a great engineer and producer.  Don has recorded my last two CD projects and I could not think of a better studio to work on my next project.”

Julie Lavender


What Can I Do for You?

Be it studio recording, mobile and field recording, mixing, learning, and just helping yo with your project, let me know what I can do to help.