Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival 2022

Good Music, Good Friends, Great Memories

In 2022 I attended the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival in Brunswick, ME and found myself wandering around the festival with my GoPro camera trying to capture some of the Jam Circles and the amazing musicians that were in them.

I was amazed at what I was capturing so I decided to create a montage video that has snapshots of each Jam Circle I discovered.  I did not capture them all because they were literally everywhere, but what I did capture was a nice cross section of the talent that attended the festival.

A montage of Jam Circles for the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival 2022

If you find yourself in any of the videos, please send us an email so we can tag you in the video.

Individual Jam Circle Videos

Why You Been Gone So Long

Long Way To Richmond

Angelina Baker #1

Angelina Baker #2

Molly and Mildred with Mama Beth

Blue Ridge Cabin Home

Hardship and Hope

Panhandle Rag

I’ll Fly Away

Nellie Cane

Come On Home

Goodbye Liza Jane

Last Train From Poor Valley

Red Clay

Who’s That Knocking

Y’all Come with Mama Beth

Standing On The Mountain

Sunny Side

Is It Too Late Now

Two Dollar Bill