Julie Lavender

Broadcaster, author, musician, and public speaker, Julie Lavender, is a rare blend. She’s a heartfelt singer-songwriter, a classically trained guitarist and pianist, who is naturally inclined to swing. Julie is a studio pro and influencer who thrives on creative innovation and connecting with her audiences.

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MidLife Crysis Band

Classic Rock and Rhythm & Blues Cover Band
Located in Southern New Hampshire this band has been rocking together for 40+ years, playing clubs, parties, events, and opening for bands like James MOntgomery and Danny And The Juniors.

Shown here are recordings and videos that cover the band across the years.

Phone: (603) 770-3456


Sheepdip is a classic Rock & Roll band based out of Rindge, NH.

This band has done many projects with our studio from demo recordings ot live video/audio projects.

HooDoo Highway

HooDoo Highway is a Rockin’ rhythm & blues band delivered with timeless style. 


The band is located in Jaffrey, NH


Stigma is a heavy metal band based out of Southern, NH.

This band has done several projects with our studio.


MrM is a CLassic Rock band based out of Southern, NH.

This band has done several projects with our studio.

Colin Thomas Isotti

Colin is a NH Bord and Raised musician that is now a music educator and performer in the Nashville, TN area.

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Dragonfly Trinity

Dragonfly Trinity is a collection of local musicians who enjoy the energy and flair of the Bluegrass sound being merged with the storytelling of folk and the rhythmic movement of soft rock. Most of the  songs have an upbeat feel and harken to Americana and Fiddle tunes that evoke foot tapping and singing along.