Julie Lavender

Broadcaster, author, musician, and public speaker, Julie Lavender, is a rare blend. She’s a heartfelt singer-songwriter, a classically trained guitarist and pianist, who is naturally inclined to swing. Julie is a studio pro and influencer who thrives on creative innovation and connecting with her audiences.

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MidLife Crysis Band

Classic Rock and Rhythm & Blues Cover Band
Located in Southern New Hampshire this band has been rocking together for 40+ years, playing clubs, parties, events, and opening for bands like James MOntgomery and Danny And The Juniors.

Shown here are recordings and videos that cover the band across the years.

Phone: (603) 770-3456


Sheepdip is a classic Rock & Roll band based out of Rindge, NH.

This band has done many projects with our studio from demo recordings ot live video/audio projects.

HooDoo Highway

HooDoo Highway is a Rockin’ rhythm & blues band delivered with timeless style. 


The band is located in Jaffrey, NH


Stigma is a heavy metal band based out of Southern, NH.

This band has done several projects with our studio.