Welcome to the Workin-It-Out page where one of my passions for music production comes to life.  It is this project where I bring together musicians of all ages, genres, and capabilities to lay down a song that they have been given.  I try very hard to get musicians that have not worked together, and in some cases don’t even know each other, to work out recording a song in one day.  We will try to show you the process for the musicians, as well as the recording engineer, and give you a glimpse of how music is put together.  Of course somewhere in the middle will be a full produced segment where you get to see the finished recording actually get recorded.  I use full production multi-track audio of the musicians, as well as up to 6 cameras to get in close and personal with the artists.

Below are some episodes that we have already finished.  Please enjoy this and let us know what you think.

Episode #1

This is our initial episode where we put this all together.  I was not sure how it would come out but you tell me, I think it was a great episode.

Song: Octopus-E (Rock Candy Funk Party)


  • Joe Rogers – Guitar
  • Mike Lambert – Guitar
  • Don Launder – Bass
  • John Gaudete – Keys
  • Chris Meyer – Drums
  • Feral Damek – Video
  • Don Richardson – Sound Engineer

Episode #2

In this episode we switch gears a little and show you how to layer drums & percussion, in this case, to a track of music done somewhere else by Joseph Mintel.  This is very typical of studio work where the artists doing the work are doing all this in isolation from where the underlying track was recorded.

This track was 

Song: Para Ramiro by Joseph Mintel


  • Joseph Mintel – Songwriter/Musician
  • Chris Meyer – Drums
  • Don Richardson – Sound Engineer

Episode #3

(Performance Only – full episode coming soon)

In this episode we are recording a song with vocals.  Previous episodes were all instrumentals but I decided to add in vocals in a live session.  

This track was recorded using all of the parts of our studio and it proved to me that we can add in additional layers in a live session and still produce a great sounding video.

Song: Moon Dance by Van Morrison


  • Rodney Balis – Drums
  • Mike Murray – Bass
  • Chris York – Keys
  • Kevin Avard – Vocals/Guitar
  • George Weithman – Sax/Flute
  • CHris Meyer – Video
  • Don Richardson – Sound Engineer