White Mountain Rounders

White Mtn. Rounders

This group is a well seasoned collection of musicians from New Hampshire who will knock your sox off with their originals, as well as any cover they perform.

Below is a project that we have been working on with the group in the studio.

Charlie’s Company

A song about the memories growing up with the family dog named Charlie.

Song written by Tyler Allgood

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Charlie’s Company Audio Master – By Tyler Allgood

West Coast Turnaround

A song about long haul truckers and their making it to the west coast and back with a little help.

Song written by David Blanchard

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I Think I’m A Cowboy

A song about childhood memories and iconic visions growing up.  Rudy adds a bunch of things here, like spoons and a jaw harp, making this song a really fun toe tapping song.

Song written by Rudy Kellogg

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All The Same

Another love song

Song written by David Blanchard

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