Julie Lavender

Broadcaster, author, musician, and public speaker, Julie Lavender, is a rare blend. She’s a heartfelt singer-songwriter, a classically trained guitarist and pianist, who is naturally inclined to swing. Julie is a studio pro and influencer who thrives on creative innovation and connecting with her audiences. But not so long ago, Julie was paralyzed by stage fright. Now, as an overcomer of disabling performance anxiety, Julie has a passion to help others beat their fear and anxiety by creating music, broadcasts, story and mentoring experiences that help unleash the Designer’s dreams planted inside each of us.
Find out more about Julie Lavender at JulieLavender.com
Here is what Julie wrote about MLCRecording.com:
"Don richardson of MLC Recording has always provided me with top notch tech and production quality, super live and studio music and video recording and is always easy to work with and eager to give his clients the best of experiences. I have used Don’s services to record live and in-studio radio programs, live and in-studio music tracks, 2 full album projects, marketing and instruction audio and video recordings, live concert videos, audio books, radio commercials and just about anything else I could possibly think of recording or streaming. Don has done it all for me. He is my go to guy for most every creative project I find myself involved in. MLC Recording is conveniently located in Nashua, NH just off of route 3 and easily accessible for people from New Hampshire, or North Eastern Massachusetts or Southern Maine. Check out MLC Recording!"

Below are some projects that we have done with Julie Lavender, both in the studio, and at DreamFarm.

The Siddur Project

This was my first full length CD project with Julie and it was the start of professional recording projects for me.  This was recorded in the barn at DreamFarm with amazing musicians from the NY and Boston area.  This CD project was Julie’s dream of taking Jewish Prayers from the Siddur and making an english translation to eclectic jazz music.

I was the Recording & Mix Engineer as well as the producer for this CD that was recorded at DreamFarm and edited & mixed at the MLCRecording studio.  I am also a background singer on a few of the tracks

You can listen to or buy this CD on Amazon, Apple Music, or wherever you buy your music.


The recording of Rising is groundbreaking, jazz-influenced chamber music of the most revered collection of Jewish prayers, the Amidah.

I recorded and edited this CD at DreamFarm.  Part of the recording was done at DreamFarm, while part of it was recorded in a studio in California.  After we recorded the parts at DreamFarm, Julie and I flew to California to work with Kim Richmond, the arranger, and Rich Eames, the recording engineer, at his recording studio in Hollywood.  All together we took Julie’s work to a whole new level with some really fantastic musicians.

 You can listen to or buy this CD on Amazon, Apple Music, or wherever you buy your music.


DreamFarm Radio

After winning New Hampshire magazine’s “Best Of” award for her regional radio show in 2010, Julie decided to take the DreamFarm live experiences to listeners across the country. Launched in 2012, DreamFarm Radio became an internationally-syndicated radio experience now heard on dozens of public radio stations across the nation. Julie regularly collaborates with top musicians from around the world who share their fresh jazz-inspired musical synergies on the program.

I was the Recording Engineer & Producer of this amazing eclectic jazz show that is on over 30 NPR radio stations across the US.  Because this show was recorded at DreamFarm, I was able to perfect my remote recording capabilities over an eight year period with over 100 bands & ensambles.

To listen to the shows, go to DreamFarmRadio.org

Mrs. Amazing and The Seed

In 2019 Julie Lavender released Mrs. Amazing and The Seed, the first in a series of mysterious, witty, fiction – fantasy – science adventures for ages 10-100. These books empower kids and parents to think for themselves and overcome cultural indoctrination. Julie takes readers on a fantastical romp with a family that refuses to conform to the pressures of elite powers that seek to control them. Risking everything to be different, they enter a wildly weird realm and encounter overwhelming life-forces that will rock their world.

I worked with Julie to produce video and audio content to promote her books, as well as recording and producing her audio books.

You can buy these books on Amazon.com, or contact Julie for an autographed copy at JulieLavender.com


Passionate about helping others achieve freedom and wholeness, Julie offers a 14-week, multi-dimensional, purpose-focused transformation program called StageBright™, in which she empowers people to overcome Fear’s icy tentacles, release their muted voices, undermined talents, and minimized expressions. Julie’s unique approach employs, story-telling, art, music, brain-training, prayer, and encounter experiences to help people beat their paralyzing fears and take center stage in their own stories.

I worked with Julie to create audio and video content that she uses to lead her StageBright classes and lectures.

Presence Jazz

As her field of creative endeavors continues to grow, Julie is developing a “Presence Jazz” livestream project to bring Jazz-influenced worship experiences to the world. Collaborating with musicians and artists across New England she is exploring fresh sounds to accompany intimate encounters with Jesus.

I Filmed, Recorded, and Produced all of the Dream Stream sessions with some amazing musicians.  I also worked with Julie to setup a platform on OBS to facilitate broadcasting these awesome shows filmed on-site at Julie’s barn at DreamFarm.