Professional Audio Recording & Production

Capturing Your Awesome Sound

MLC Recording is a Audio Recording and Production company located in Southern NH, close to the Boston area.  We provide Studio Based and Mobile recording services.  As well, we have several choices for studio space, including a new studio space in Nashua, NH.  When it comes to capturing your sound, we can come to you as well.  We have the capabilities of 32 track digital recording at your location wherever it might be.  In addition, and as a result of recording the DreamFarm Radio Show for 9 years, we have access to a large pool of musicians for you to use in your projects.  These musicians come from the Berkley College Of Music, The New England Conservatory, and many musicians from the Boston, MA area.

Behind The House Kit

Control Central

Producing Your Masterpiece

Push Your Music with Less Hassle

MLC Recording knows all the tricks to turning your recording into a masterpiece.

  • Tracking- MLC Recording has years of experience making music of every genre, and knows how to appeal to your audience. Our team will work with you to track your music to meet your needs.  We also have access to a deep pool of musicians that can be brought in to add the sparkle you need to create a lasting impression on your listeners.
  • Production- The MLC Recording team has production services in our Nashua NH studio to product a project staying true to your artistic vision.
  • Publication- When you’re ready to publish your project, MLC Recording will help you do it right. We’ll help you design and product your CD materials to give your listeners packaging that tells your story.