When building a studio you do not have to go crazy with money and construction to achieve an isolated and well sounding environment.  Below are just a few key elements we used when building the MidLife Crysis Studios.


The Live Room

Space For Your Project

Here is a picture of the Live Space in our studio.  This space is large enough for your band and instruments.  The studio does come with a Mapex Drum Kit for you to use, but we can move this out to make space for your own kit.  The Live Room also features an isolation space for your guitar/bass amplifier that will keep the sound out of the room with the drums.  The Live Room also features a vocal booth as seen below.


Live Room

Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth/Isolation Chambers

Isolate sound sources for a clean recording

Isolation is key in a clean recording.  Having the ability to separate sources will provide a clean sound and give you the ability to fix and patch.

  • Vocal Booth – The vocal booth provide enough space for a singer to work in, or it can be used for another source, such as a guitar amplifier.  The booth features a glass door so that whoever is in the booth can see the rest of the band in the live room.
  • Amplifier Isolation Lockers – The lockers are great for small or medium size amplifiers, where when placed in the lockers and the door closed, you get great isolation from other sounds and sources.  There are two lockers that can be used to make a total of 3 isolation chambers for the studio.


Control Room

Where is is all put together, and more!!!

The Control Room is my space to make all this happen for you.

  • Comfortable setting – We offer a nice place to relax while tracking, mixing, listening and producing your project.
  • Great Listening Space – The Control Room is a tuned listening experience so that what you hear is what you get.  No more leaving the studio and hearing something different in your car or at home.
  • Multi Use Space – This room can also be used as an isolation chamber as well.  We have been know to record in this space while also using the Live Room.

Control Room


Double Wall Construction

A Little About Construction

How we built this studio & other considerations

Isolation Is Key to a great sound, so there needs to be some consideration when designing and building a recording space.  It is not really about how much money you have spent, but rather what techniques you use in putting the studio together on your budget.  Could I have spent more time and money on this project – You better believe it.  But, I did not and still have a great isolation space for my clients.

  • Double Walls – The Live Room and Control Room are separated by a double wall system.  From the Live Room to the Control Room the wall stack-up is Sheet Rock | Sound Board | 6″ Air Gap | Sound Board | Sheet Rock.  Both walls are insulated with high density blown in insulation (Bib & Blow).
  • Minimum Parallel Surfaces – In both the Live Room and Control Room you will find that there are a minimum amount of parallel surfaces for sound waves to bounce back and forth on.  This is a great technique to control sound waves.
  • Sound Treatments – One of the easiest ways to reduce slap echo is to not only reduce the number of parallel surfaces, but to add in Sound Panels to stop or slow down the echo in a room.  It does not take much, and is super effective in controlling echos.  However, the room is not over treated because I want to preserve some room ambiance to be sure the room is not dead.  Our sound panels were hand made for this room and are filled with Rockwool Safe’n’Sound Stone Wool Insulation that is made for sound proofing and is fireproof.
  • Movable Sound Diversion – As much as you design a room, there are factors that you must be able to adjust to once a band or musicians enter the room.  Some may want a live sound and insist on recording with everyone in the same room.  It is this scenario that required portable sound baffles and treatments.  We use this technique when the recording project demands it.  Even a short baffle in front of a guitar amp goes a long way.